Friday, August 3, 2012

New Normal

We are getting into a pattern around here, and it feels pretty good.  Tommy is getting bigger so he is eating more and sleeping for longer stretches, which is very nice for us.  Ben is solidly in his school routine and has come around to the idea of a little brother.  Knock on wood - there have been no big brother to little brother beatings in a few weeks.  Go Ben!  Hehe!

At Tommy's 7 week check up he was comfortably wearing 3-6 month clothes and weighed in at 11 pounds, 11 ounces.  I was surprised to hear that he was "only" in the 50th percentile.  He seems so heavy to me!

We are keeping busy and moving through our summer.  It's going by so fast!  Chris has taken up guitar lessons again, I am getting ready to go back to work and have started to run again.  It's so much easier with my new jogger!  Ben is working on his listening ears...something that seems to get the best of him more often than not.  Funny how his hearing test says he can hear perfectly fine, but he just can't seem to listen when you want him to clean up!

Ben after dinner.  "No, mommy, no!"

Post run with Tommy.  He's obviously over it...

8 Weeks old

Representing Cabin Fox.  Wishing we were at camp this week!!

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