Sunday, September 20, 2015

You're never going to be alone again!

Here is a picture that perfectly describes parenting little kids. A friend of mine made me these awesome coasters with pictures of my kids on them (thank you, Deanna!).  Sometimes the coffee mugs stick to them. 
Sometimes you just want two minutes of quiet time to drink your coffee but the kids are "stuck" to you like this coaster!  Don't they know about quiet weekend mornings?!

Why is he is STILL talking?!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Summer Adventure Days

We had big plans for the last few days of summer.  Thursday and Friday we hung out with some friends, the weekend was for family, and Monday was a special Mommy and me day with Ben while Tommy was at his first day of preschool (more on that later!)

Thursday we went to the Stamford Nature Center to check out the farm and the playground.  The boys' friend came with us, so I had three boys ages 3, 4 and 5.  It was fun and they really kept each other company the whole time.  We saw goats, sheep, chickens, pigs and piglets, cows, llamas, and rabbits.  We had a little picnic for snack and then back to the playground.  Afterwards, we joined up with my friend (mom of the boys' friend) and headed to Five Guys for some burgers and fries.  Then off to another friend's pool for swimming with even more friends and kids.  The boys were WIPED out and slept all the way home and then went straight to bed at 7:45.

Watching the ducks

Checking the map


In the pirate ship


Nap - check!

Friday morning we hung out at the house and then Meggie came over to come to The Bronx Zoo with us!  It was a great time. We met up with my friend and her two boys, and then later my cousin, Drew, met us there too. We saw a ton of animals including birds, monkeys, giraffes, goats, bears, sheep, snakes,  turtles, fish, and our favorite - the gorillas! We walked a lot and saw a lot. After we got tired, we sat down for lunch and then walked back to the car to head home. Both of the boys napped in the car. Score!  

This is just a statue

I repeat - just a statue!

Prairie dogs

Pumping water for the animals at the petting zoo

Fennec Fox Tommy with cousin Drew

Big gorilla!

Quiet ride home

Monday Tommy started at his new pre-school and Ben and I got one last hurrah in before school starts tomorrow. We went to Lego Land and had a blast. We made Lego cars to race, built in the Lego city, played in the indoor play area, went on a ride and even saw a 3-D movie!  We topped it off with some new sneakers for school. A good day out!

First day of pre-school

Lego Land!

Lego Empire State Building

Lego Statue of Liberty

Lego Giants Stadium

Ready to race our cars

On the Lego Wizard ride

Checking to see if she is real or not...

Everything is made of Legos here!

3D movie was awesome!