Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow day

This is the story of the Blizzard of January 2015 that never actually showed up in southwestern CT...

As the news channels predicted epic storms and the state was shut down, we made sure that there was enough milk and bread in the house, batteries in the flashlights and Netflix movies in our queue.

Turned out that it was just a regular old snow day.  But we still made the most of it.  : )

Dinner with superheros

Wake up to snow.  If you can still see the lamp posts then it is NOT a blizzard!

Watching the driveway get plowed

Waaayyyy too much time on the LeapPad 

Playroom got destroyed

We made cookies

Lots of cookies!

Some sort of tracks in the snow before shoveling the walk

Dinner is done before nap is over = score!

Indoor baseball with a 2 1/2 year old - not advised!

"Surfing" on the "Batboard" instead of getting dressed for school the next day