Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Getting so big

Tommy is really growing quickly these days.  He's already rockin' the 3 month onesie, and he's only 6 and a half weeks old.  I like to make my babies small and then grow 'em fast and furious!  hehe!

Besides eating, pooping and sleeping, Tommy finds time to get in his daily workout.  Tummy time is giving him awesome neck and back muscles.  : )

Ben is also growing up fast.  We have all been suffering through his 2 year molars coming in.  Ben suffered physically, and Chris and I have earned our stripes as toddler parents as well as a few new grey hairs!  He is in the height of toddler-dom.  He has a few key phrases that he uses every day - "no!"  "I do it, self!"  "no!"  "Uh-oh!"  "I'm OK!"  "no!" "vroom vroom motorcycle!", and of course, "no!"

Below is a picture of his new favorite phrase, "Ben drive car!"  Ay ay ay...

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