Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cape Cod 2017

We just finished up our summer vacation in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  We had such a great week!  This year we stayed in a real Cape style house that had a loft bedroom for the boys and a fun spiral staircase.  It was a block from a rocky beach and about a 1/2 mile to a smoother beach and awesome boardwalk.  We jumped on trampolines, raced go karts, went bowling, read books, laid on the beach, ate a LOT of seafood and burgers, swam in the ocean and a huge pond, went fishing and caught a shark! It was a nice, relaxing week before heading back to the real world of school and work.  We had family and friends visit to break up the week and enjoyed all of our time.  Here is our trip from start to finish in pictures:

Saturday, July 29, 2017

BIG Day for Ben!

Ben accomplished two great things on Friday afternoon.  He earned his orange belt in taekwondo and (even bigger) he performed on stage for the first time.  He decided that this year he would do a comedy act in the variety show on the last day of camp.  So he and a friend got up there and did it!  It was amazing, and I was so proud of him for having the courage to go on stage and put himself out there.  Go Ben!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Trip to the Aquarium

T and I had a skipping school day today.  He has been studying sharks at school this week, so we went to the aquarium to give those bad boys a visit!  We started off with a nutritious bagel and cream cheese at Dunkin Donuts... and then has Meggie join us to see the animals at the aquarium.  It was a great morning!