Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winter Break is Finally Here!

Do you hear all of those teachers screaming with pure joy and happiness?!  That means that we made it to Winter break!  It proves that as soon as you get used to something about working with kids, it changes. One thing that has changed already is Ben's relationship with ice skating.  It started off as a very strong fear and dislike.  He refused to go skating with his class during lessons so over break I made a deal with him that I would take him one on one.   Something like this...

Me: Let's go ice skating!  It will be so fun!
Ben: Never!  Ice skating is so BORING! (his ultimate insult)
Me: No way, it's so fun!  I'll take you one on one.  Just me and you.
Ben: No. Way.
Me:  Fine.  Then I will get one of my 9th grade boys to teach you.  They all play hockey and need community service hours so they'll be happy to do it.
Ben: Ok, mom, I will try with you.  No 9th graders!  But I am only going to try, not really skate.
Me: If you get on the ice and skate with me, I will let you choose whatever toy you want from CVS.
Ben: Deal!  I want a new lightsaber!

Ohhh, bribery and threats...works every time with this kid.  Day 1 he went around the rink one time in 45 minutes.  Lots of falling but no tears and he was SO proud of himself.  Day 2 he went around two times in 45 minutes and was a lot more self-assured.  He even skated on his own a bit.  Here's hoping for more progress over the next two weeks!

We also kicked off the vacation with a trip to the Stamford Museum and Nature Center where they are having a display of Star Wars Legos.  It was amazing.  Thousands and THOUSANDS of legos.  Ben and his friend were entranced.  Well...for about 5 minutes and then we went outside to play.  ; )

(Shout out to JP Photography for the pictures!)

So far so good on this winter break.  Wednesday is Tommy's last day of school for the year.  After that we will all be relaxing like:

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

3 Stages of a Road Trip With Pre-schoolers

Happy Thanksgiving!  We headed up to Massachusetts for the holiday weekend.  It's a 3.5-4 hour trip.  Here is how it looked for us...

Elation!  We are going to Mimi and Papi's house!  Can't wait!  And these headphones are awesome for watching our movie...

3 hours later...GET ME OUT OF THIS CAR!

5 minutes before we arrive...peaceful, sleeping angels!