Sunday, November 27, 2011


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Jay and Melissa.  We loved being welcomed into Melissa's family home, and meeting her extended family.  Plus, Ben met some new friends and got to play with tractors.  It was pretty great for him too.  Even Suzy dog got in on the action and got to hang out with Brissy for 3 days while we were in Fort Collins.
We tried to get a good family photo for our Christmas card while Ben was wearing his tie, but no luck.  It's a challenge to get a good shot of a toddler AND mom and dad!

Here are some of Ben's latest and greatest shots...

Being fabulous in his stroller (you talkin' a me?!):
 Being fabulous on the couch:
 Being fabulous while watching a movie:
Above: Being fabulous in the car

: )

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

18 months

Ben is 18 months old today.  Time really flies when you're not sleeping!  Ben is in full toddler mode - he loves trucks and cars and books.  He talks all day long and he never stops moving.  It's been the hardest and greatest 18 months of our lives.  : )

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pics of Colorado from Meggie and Papa's visit

 Above: Ben with Meggie and Papa

Below: Ben's "big smile"

Ben with Papa and his trucks:

Ben with Meggie on the trails:

View of the mountains from the end of our block:

Blue and White Day

Sometimes, (OK, often) Chris and I will get dressed in the morning and quickly realize that we are essentially wearing the same outfit.  Green t-shirt and jeans with flip flops is a common offender.  I just blame it on the fact that we've been living together so so long and I do a lot of his shopping, so I get him what I like. 

Today was a whole new day.  Not only were Chris and I both wearing blue and white striped shirts (his a horizontally striped thermal and mine a vertical pinstripe button down), but BEN was also wearing a blue and white horizontally striped thermal.  I mean, I dressed him, yes.  But, I didn't realize that we were all matching until we were out at the playground surrounded by others who probably assumed we were on our way to our holiday card photo shoot at JC Penny!  Hehe...

Here is Super Ben and Super Dad in their matching thermals:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The latest

It's been a busy week or two here at the Cali home.  Meggie and Papa came to visit Ben (and us) last Friday.  It was so nice to have them here and for them to spend time with Ben.  We did have some adult fun too.  We went to Denver to see Lucinda Williams, went out to dinner and ate too much bad food, stayed out until 11 (woohoo!!).  We also went to Boulder to do some shopping, went to the Butterfly Pavillion - which is code for bug museum, where Joel held a tarantula and Ben touched giant cockroaches. 
Chris and I basked in the glory of having a 20 minute conversation alone while my parents played with Ben.  It was amazing....
We went on a lot of good walks on the trails, and I even got in a bike ride while Joel stayed home with a napping Ben.  It was a great long weekend together.

Now they are back at home and it was sad to have them leave.  Seriously - S.A.D.  I'm hoping it will get easier, OR that all of my friends and family will move to Denver to make it easier for ME.  ; )

Tomorrow I am subbing at a middle school and I am excited about it.  I am anxious to get back in the classroom and meet some new people.  Next week we'll go to Thanksgiving dinner up in Fort Collins which will be great.  Looking forward to spending time with our Colorado family. 

Here is Ben with his shades.  Is it possible to be "street" when you're on a trail?

Here is Ben wearing Suzy dog's bandana and making pirate faces:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Elmo Overload

Have we reached saturation point yet?!

Making Bread

Today I tried to get some help from Ben to make zucchini bread.  Really, I just needed a creative way to keep him contained for 20 minutes.

Here he is helping me make bread (and giving me a silly look!):

And here he is from another viewpoint to show that he really just stood up on a stool and watched Cars from afar!: 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Random Cuteness

 This is what happens when you tell Ben to do his "Big Smile"

 This is Ben's new preferred method of eating.  One leg up on the table.  This morning he went for both legs.  I don't think that will last...

This is just the best of both worlds - Elmo and the Yankees for Ben, Home Goods for Mama.  : )