Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall Family Fun

It was the first official weekend of Fall and our kids got to live it up with some family members.  They got time with one grandma and one auntie as well as mom and dad.  Friday night we watched a movie and had some fun family time.

Saturday morning was spent with grandma Meggie at the local land and trust bird festival that included a close up look at birds of prey, face painting and ice cream.  

Saturday night they got to spend time with Aunt Cory since we were out.

And Sunday was a day at the apple orchard with mom, aunt Cory and friends.  There were hay rides, apples, donuts, popcorn, lunch out at a restaurant and a good nap on the way home to daddy!

Finally Sunday ended with a boys movie at home while mom went for a walk with her BFF at the beach.  An incredible day with clear views all the way to downtown Manhattan.  Perfect!