Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Silly Ben

Like many Americans, Ben is a big Justin Beiber fan....  ; ) As you can see from this video, he thinks the words to the song, Baby, are "Beiber,  Beiber, Beiber, OOOOHHHHH!!"  And that's about it.  Although he doesn't get the lyrics, he totally digs the song and dances whenever we put it on.  Adorable (no matter how you feel about the Beibs).

He has also taken a liking to my Ugg boots that he found in the bottom of my closet.  (Side note: I know that I am a mother of two and I shouldn't necessarily be wearing Uggs, but whatever.  I do.  So there.)  Ben finds them easy to get on and off, and now refers to them as his "motorcycle boots" and wears them when he rides around the house.  : )

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