Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yoga, Birthday Parties and Summer Fun

We have been keeping busy this week.  Only two more weeks left in the summer before I go back to work.  Three weeks until BOTH boys are in day care for a new school year.  Time is really flying!

Tommy is two months old and getting more of a personality every day.  He's giggling and cooing and just generally being super cute. 
2 Months and Smiley
Ben is growing like a weed, and his vocabulary is growing even faster.  He repeats everything we say (be careful!) and he comes to us with random, hysterical one liners. 

Playing in the backyard on a hot summer day

Driving his motorcycle with Blue Bear on the back
  He loves to "do yoga" with Mama, and even does down dog and baby cobra on command.  : )

Down Dog Ben
This weekend we gave up the nap to go to a birthday party for another boy in Ben's class.  A room full of two year olds bouncing around and then pizza and cake to get them all fired up before crashing to sleep in the car.  Considering the lack of nap and all the excitement and sugar, Ben was OK.  And we were happy to have him go to sleep pretty easily tonight.

Having fun at the party

After the party : )

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