Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Goose is Ready

Due to a heartfelt gift that can only be understood by seeing it in person, Tommy has taken on the nickname "Goose" within our family.  I don't know if it will stick, but so far, it has.  Even Ben calls him Goose.

In about 2 weeks Goose will be going to day care full time as I return to work.  He is making big strides as he approaches the 3-month mark.  He's transitioning to bottles, he's sleeping for long stretches through the night, and he's cooing and smiling a lot.  Tummy time is still not that fun, but he does it every day and is stronger for it. 

Hard to believe how fast the summer has gone by and hard to remember our life before Goose arrived.  But, here we are - ready for the next step!

Silly Ben

Like many Americans, Ben is a big Justin Beiber fan....  ; ) As you can see from this video, he thinks the words to the song, Baby, are "Beiber,  Beiber, Beiber, OOOOHHHHH!!"  And that's about it.  Although he doesn't get the lyrics, he totally digs the song and dances whenever we put it on.  Adorable (no matter how you feel about the Beibs).

He has also taken a liking to my Ugg boots that he found in the bottom of my closet.  (Side note: I know that I am a mother of two and I shouldn't necessarily be wearing Uggs, but whatever.  I do.  So there.)  Ben finds them easy to get on and off, and now refers to them as his "motorcycle boots" and wears them when he rides around the house.  : )

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yoga, Birthday Parties and Summer Fun

We have been keeping busy this week.  Only two more weeks left in the summer before I go back to work.  Three weeks until BOTH boys are in day care for a new school year.  Time is really flying!

Tommy is two months old and getting more of a personality every day.  He's giggling and cooing and just generally being super cute. 
2 Months and Smiley
Ben is growing like a weed, and his vocabulary is growing even faster.  He repeats everything we say (be careful!) and he comes to us with random, hysterical one liners. 

Playing in the backyard on a hot summer day

Driving his motorcycle with Blue Bear on the back
  He loves to "do yoga" with Mama, and even does down dog and baby cobra on command.  : )

Down Dog Ben
This weekend we gave up the nap to go to a birthday party for another boy in Ben's class.  A room full of two year olds bouncing around and then pizza and cake to get them all fired up before crashing to sleep in the car.  Considering the lack of nap and all the excitement and sugar, Ben was OK.  And we were happy to have him go to sleep pretty easily tonight.

Having fun at the party

After the party : )

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Camp Rules

I am missing Camp Amerikids today. Yay for our short visit!!  I wish we could have stayed longer. You are all doing awesome work.  : )

Camp AmeriKids

If you're going to give away some money this year, make it count.  Camp Amerikids is one of the most magical places on Earth for a certain group of kids each summer.  Donate to this amazing camp now HERE

Friday, August 3, 2012

New Normal

We are getting into a pattern around here, and it feels pretty good.  Tommy is getting bigger so he is eating more and sleeping for longer stretches, which is very nice for us.  Ben is solidly in his school routine and has come around to the idea of a little brother.  Knock on wood - there have been no big brother to little brother beatings in a few weeks.  Go Ben!  Hehe!

At Tommy's 7 week check up he was comfortably wearing 3-6 month clothes and weighed in at 11 pounds, 11 ounces.  I was surprised to hear that he was "only" in the 50th percentile.  He seems so heavy to me!

We are keeping busy and moving through our summer.  It's going by so fast!  Chris has taken up guitar lessons again, I am getting ready to go back to work and have started to run again.  It's so much easier with my new jogger!  Ben is working on his listening ears...something that seems to get the best of him more often than not.  Funny how his hearing test says he can hear perfectly fine, but he just can't seem to listen when you want him to clean up!

Ben after dinner.  "No, mommy, no!"

Post run with Tommy.  He's obviously over it...

8 Weeks old

Representing Cabin Fox.  Wishing we were at camp this week!!