Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Getting so big

Tommy is really growing quickly these days.  He's already rockin' the 3 month onesie, and he's only 6 and a half weeks old.  I like to make my babies small and then grow 'em fast and furious!  hehe!

Besides eating, pooping and sleeping, Tommy finds time to get in his daily workout.  Tummy time is giving him awesome neck and back muscles.  : )

Ben is also growing up fast.  We have all been suffering through his 2 year molars coming in.  Ben suffered physically, and Chris and I have earned our stripes as toddler parents as well as a few new grey hairs!  He is in the height of toddler-dom.  He has a few key phrases that he uses every day - "no!"  "I do it, self!"  "no!"  "Uh-oh!"  "I'm OK!"  "no!" "vroom vroom motorcycle!", and of course, "no!"

Below is a picture of his new favorite phrase, "Ben drive car!"  Ay ay ay...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Boys Adventure

Chris took Ben to the doctor last night because he was very cranky and pulling at his ears.  Possible ear infection?  UGH!  Nope - all good at the doc.  It's just his 2-year molars popping through.  Ouch!  But hey, at least it's not an ear infection...or just Ben being a jerk!  hehe!

On the way home from the doc, the boys spotted a bulldozer in the parking lot and Ben got to climb on it.  SO exciting!  Check out how cool this is for him:

Notice the 2 Cars stickers on his arms.  The trip to the doc just keeps getting better and better!

On the way home after all of this excitement, they pass by our neighborhood "bike night".  It's Ben's motorcycle dream come true - about 50 Harley Davidsons all making loud noises and the bikers waving to Ben.  Our next door neighbor is BIG into Harleys, and he loves Ben.  So, he had all of his friends honking and waving at him.  Again - best trip to the doctor EVER for Ben!

If Ben's first vehicle isn't a Harley or a bulldozer, I'll be shocked!  ; )

Monday, July 16, 2012

We're getting there

We've been busy at the Cali house.  (When are we not?)

Both Ben and Tommy are getting so big.  Tommy is concentrating on eating, sleeping and pooping.  He's got an A+ in all of those categories!  Not much else to report on with him.

Ben is working hard at being a big brother and adjusting to all of the changes in his life.  Most days are good.  Some are OK.  Very few are awful.

This past week was challenging since Chris was out of town until mid-week.  Then it got even harder when Ben got sick on Friday night.  Then Chris had to leave again.  OY!  Luckily I have wonderful family and friends and babysitters to give me an extra hand and an hour of sleep when I need it.

So, we are all good here but I'm really too exhausted to remember anything fun or blog worthy to write about.  Just rollin' with the punches and trying to make it to the other side of this adjustment period.  : )

Monday, July 9, 2012

One month later

Yesterday was Tommy's one month "birthday". What a chunker he has become! Although our life is a bit chaotic, we are loving our boys and so happy to have Tommy home with us.
And if course, big brother Ben is rockin' as well. He's talking up a storm and learning how to use the potty. Exciting times aground the Cali household!