Sunday, April 29, 2012

I am huge but Ben is king

33 weeks today and I feel ready to GO!  Meaning, I feel super pregnant and starting to become uncomfortable, not meaning that I have anything ready to go for this baby.  The crib is on back order, we don't have newborn diapers, I still have to wash a lot of baby clothes, etc.  BUT, that would all work itself out anyway.  Mama is ready to not be pregnant anymore!  Plus, I am very excited about having a new baby in the house!!  I really just can't wait to meet him or her.  My guess is that it's going to be a May baby, but Chris still is aiming for June.  Only time will tell.

As far as the rest of our world goes, Ben still reigns supreme as the king of the house.  Our schedules revolve around his eating and napping and our regular trips to the playground and park never seem to get boring for him even though I am totally. done. with. the. playground.!!!!  I'm trying to just stay in the moment and enjoy my last month alone with Ben.  Pretty soon he'll be a big brother and he'll never even remember these days.  He's going to be great.  : )

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ben's first race

This morning Ben ran his first 5K race!  Ok, well it was more like a 1 mile fun run, and I walked as I pushed him in the stroller. But still, he got a medal at the end!  He also got to take a look inside the ambulance that was waiting at the finish line and he did enough running of his own - crossing the finish line over and over again, and then handing out water to other "finishers".  : )

The race we ran was to support Project Blessing.  A teacher who I worked with at my old school set up a project in Rwanda about 5 years ago and has been raising money ever since to donate to the project.  So far they have built a Kindergarten and made a well in the town so that the people have access to fresh water.  Each year they aim to raise around $10K to keep the project going.  It's a fabulous cause, and if you're interested, you can donate here:

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cute video of Chris and Ben. Watch til the very end!

Photo update

Ben likes to come in to our room and play on our bed in the morning while we all get ready for the day.  He looks like a little butterfly in this one with the way the bed frame is set behind him!
Ben and Suzy in the back yard after Ben rode his tricycle down the hill and smashed into the fence.  Don't worry, he was not hurt - he loved it and wanted to do it again and again!
Eating yogurt can be tricky
Preparing to slide
Worn out from a morning at the Little Gym
Sporting his new Yankees hoodie proudly
Best pic of Chris and Ben ever, even though it's blurry.  Ben was LOVING putting the little pink cup on Chris's head and saying "pink hat"
Growing baby!  31.5 weeks picture

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ahhh toddlers...

Ben "helping" me sort through all the baby clothes

Suzy and Ben snuggle
"mac and cheeeeeeessseeeee!!!!!!!!"
I love yogurt
"You can't see me!"

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Such a big boy!

Ben is growing up so fast.  This week we moved him into his "big boy bed".  Tonight is his third night, and so far so good.  It takes a lot longer for him to go to sleep, but I think that's just a transition thing.  He is SO proud of himself when he wakes up and realizes that he stayed in the bed all night.  : )

Here he is in his bed this morning when Suzy dog and I went in to wake him up:

And here are some other pics from the last few days:

Monday, April 2, 2012

Calm Before the Storm

This weekend Chris and I had our "Babymoon" getaway in Newport, RI.  It's a very cute beach town, but it can be super crowded in the summer months, so it was good timing to go now.  Still lively, but you can get a table for dinner.  We had one day of sun where we sat outside and had coffee, walked along the cliff walk with mansions on one side and the ocean on the other, and did a lot of window shopping, walking and eating.
Saturday was quite rainy and cold, so we did one mansion tour (we found our summer home, by the way.  It has 30 servant's quarters rooms in case you want to visit...) of a "summer house" that belonged to the Vanderbuilt family.  It was just amazing to think that anyone could live there and have that much money and excess in their life!  After the mansion tour we we grabbed a quick lunch of lobster mac and cheese - YUM!!  Then we headed off to the movies.   We saw "Friends with Kids", which I had heard was pretty good.  I liked it fine, but Chris had to be elbowed for snoring loudly in the theater...Not his favorite film!!
We had a nice dinner out at the Black Pearl and then headed home Sunday morning.  We missed our baby boy!  He had a great time with Meggie and Papa, but we were happy to have him back with us after 48 hours.  : )

11 more weeks to go and baby Cali will be with us.  Hard to believe it, but I think we're as ready as we can be.