Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Ben!

Happy 2nd birthday to Ben!  I can't believe it's been two years since you changed our lives and introduced us to a love we never knew.  It's been an amazing ride to have you in our lives and we are so happy to be your parents.  You are smart (REALLY smart!), curious, thoughtful, loving and kind.  You are the kind of kid that everyone tells us they want to have.  You are going to be an amazing big brother to your new baby sister or brother, who is arriving any day now.  We can't wait to see you in that role!

This weekend we had a party for you at the house and everyone had a great time eating, playing and hanging out in the back yard on a sunny day.  The best part for me was after most people had gone home and you played out back in your new sprinkler.  It was pure joy for you to be playing in the water, and for me to watch you be that happy.  I hope that you can relive that kind of joy again and again throughout your life.  Happy birthday, Ben!  We love you so much.  ; )

Enjoying his burger at the party

Happy Birthday Car!!!  Thank you Mimi and Papi!

Chugging with Uncle Jack

Smiling with Meggie

Happy 2nd Birthday Ben!

Snuggling with Aunt Christine and funny photo bomber Daddy!

Construction trucks cake

Good as it gets for a family picture these days

Birthday kiss from Mama

Chillin at the lunch table after some pasta

Friday, May 18, 2012

Shady Little Man

Ben has taken a recent liking to his sunglasses.  He's had them for a while, but he went through a phase where he didn't want to wear them for a while.  Now he's all about them.  They give him a big reaction everywhere we go.  He likes to wear them normally, on his head, and even upside down.  ; )

Thursday, May 17, 2012

We are sooooo bizzzzyyy...

All is well with the Calis in Connecticut.  Chris is hard at work on some fun and profitable projects.  Tio Francisco came to visit for a few days before heading back home to Argentina.  Ben is settled into his weekly schedule of time with mom and time with Aunt Chrissy.  And, I am waiting for baby #2 to arrive while performing demo lessons and going on job interviews.  We are very busy, but good at the same time. 
Soon enough we'll be overwhelmed with an entirely new life when the baby comes, so it's nice to have a little predictability these days.  It could be 4 more weeks, or it could be tomorrow.  When will you be here baby?!  We are ready to meet you!

In the mean time...Big Brother Ben is holding it down at home:

Friday, May 11, 2012

Back yard discoveries

Besides being a little overgrown at the moment, our back yard is a pretty cool place to hang out.  We've got it all fenced in, there is a patio for BBQ's, and a lot of grass to run around in for Ben.  He also likes to ride his bike down the hill, which is just big enough for him to be scared, but small enough for him to get a thrill out of it. 
Today Ben decided that he wanted to search through the pachysandra to find some sticks.  It was a good 40 minute project.  Score some quiet time for Mama!  Plus he cleared the yard of sticks - bonus for lawn mowing Dada!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Blue mama

Although we offer Ben a fork or spoon for every meal, he ALWAYS ends up eating with his hands.  Today at lunch he not only was double fisting his mac n' cheese, he dumped the bowl on the table and then put it over his face, hence making me appear blue through the bowl.   Then he started shouting, "blue mama!  blue mama!"  Hey, he may not have proper table manners but at least he knows his colors, right?