Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Last Days of Summer

This month has been busy for us as the summer winds down and we head back into our "normal" school schedule.  The boys will start in new classrooms next week, and I will return to work to start another school year.  We have been trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer in the meantime. Here is what we have been up to...

Playing superheroes in the back yard with our "Jet packs"

Lookin' good for the ladies on a playdate

Pre-viewing our Halloween costumes!

Riding the bus with friends on a field trip!

Touching crabs at the beach

Mommy and Ben on the bus

Dinosaur State Park

Real footprints!

Tommy is *almost* as tall as a dinosaur...

Bros having lunch

Bros watching TV

Tommy and the big fish at the aquarium

T on his tricycle

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nature Center

This morning was beautiful here in CT.  So we got out of the house and did some errands before heading up to the Nature Center in town (  They have a great farm, museum, gift shop, walking trails, playground, observatory, festivals, camps, etc.  It's a wonderful place to spend time.
Today we did the farm and the playground.  There were a lot of new animals since the last time we were there a few months ago.  The baby pigs and goats were our favorites.  Ben loved the big, old cow with the HUGE horns!
Aside from the geese who tried to eat our stroller and steal our snacks - we had a great time on the farm!

The playground was a huge hit as well.  It's built into a rocky ledge, but it's all safe.  Lots of ramps and small steps.  Tons of fun slides and lookouts.  There is also a HUGE sandbox and a very cool pirate ship that the boys both loved.

We finished our morning with a burger and hotdog lunch at the local hotdog/burger joint.  Very cool for the boys to sit up on the diner stools and watch the chefs cooking.  : )

Baby goats and Tommy

Big cow!

Those horns!


Climbing the tower

in the "birds nest"


Hiding in the pirate ship

peek-a-boo Ben

Pirate Ship

walking the plank