Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Last year we had this

The year before it was just us and Elmo

And now we have become a family of little monsters!  The boys had so much fun at Chrissy's Halloween party on Saturday afternoon that Ben decided he wants to wear his Sulley costume All.  The.  Time.  So, we said yes on weekends but had to hold off this morning when it was time go to back to school.  To be fair, he will get to wear it again on Thursday to school and after school for trick-or-treating.  : )

Sulley and Mike Wozowski

Monster "ROAR!"

DJ Wozowski

Donuts on a string at Chrissy's party.  I think Ben ate 4 and was trying to sneak more!

Cutest monster ever

Look what we found at Home Depot!  A Christmas Sulley monster.  Had to have it.

So exhausted from being Sulley he fell asleep in the car

And then Tommy stole the headpiece!  LOL!

Sulley on a slide

Monday, October 21, 2013

Toddlers and Tiaras

Well, not quite tiaras, but Tommy is a toddler and he loves to put things on his head.  Lately he has discovered Elmo (with the help of the PBS kids app and YouTube videos.  Not to mention the leftovers from Ben's Elmo obsessed days), and that brought back the Elmo earmuffs we got last year for Christmas.

Then it was the fedora hat that used to be Ben's, and of course the pots and pans that are so fun to play with in the kitchen.  Classic.  : )

Getting older means a little bit more freedom for mom and dad, but it also means a little more watchful eye since Big Bro loves to wrestle a little more now.

Fall brings a  TON of leaves to our yard since we basically live in a forest, so there have been leaf piles to jump in and lots of yard work to ignore.

Everyone is happy and healthy and growing up fast.  Catch them if you can!