Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back to School Already?! Say it Ain't So!

This summer has flown by so quickly.  It seems like the Fourth of July was yesterday!  We have been very busy.  I traveled to Panama for work and for a week I was away at camp.  We had guests for three weeks in a row at our new house, which we loved.  And two of them included dogs - yay!  Moving took up a big chunk of our focus and then the rest of the days were filled with pool, snacks, movies and playgrounds.  And more than a few trips to the ice cream shop. : )

Next week Tommy will start pre-school at his new school down the street.  It is a big step for him since it's the first time he will do anything on his own without big brother Ben by his side.  Go Tommy, go!
Ben will still have a few days off with me and then while I am in meetings at school he will be in the child care there at work.  He officially starts kindergarten on September 10th.  Write that down, people - it's a big day!

For now we are soaking up as much sun and fun as we can get.  Both boys are loving the pool here at the new house.  Ben has taken off the swimmies and is jumping in off the side and swimming back to the wall on his own.  Yeah!  Tommy is doing the same but with swimmies.  He is fearless!  Here are a few pics to see what we have been up to in August:





Sand Castles


Field Trips

Play time with Daddy

Blanket rides with Meggie

Being Cool

Being Captain America while watching a movie in the park

Playing with Transformers