Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Dinosaur Place

Today the boys and I took a road trip upstate to a dinosaur playground park.  It's called The Dinosaur Place.  We had a blast!  A friend had seen it on Facebook and she suggested that we take all of our boys (mine; 5 and 3, hers: 4 and almost 2).  We called up another friend who has a little boy, and we ended up with 3 moms and 5 boys all between 1 and 5 years old.  It was the perfect place to spend a morning on a gorgeous sunny day in Connecticut.  First we went on a trail walk around a small lake where there were numerous statues of dinosaurs that were true to size and realistic.  One of them actually moved and sprayed water at you (like the one in Jurassic Park!).  After our hike we ended up at a huge playground and then moved on to the splash pad before having a picnic lunch and heading home.  It was well worth the $20 admission charge for such a fun day.

Ben picked out a T-Rex motorcycle from the gift shop and Tommy chose a toy allosaurus.  They both fell asleep with their toys tonight.  The sign of a good day and happy boys!


Checking the lake for dinos

Mommy and Ben selfie

Tommy and the dino

Cool spikes!

Four out of the five boys "feeding" the dinosaur

Tommy sitting on the dino's eggs to keep them warm

Ben standing on the sleeping dino's back

Too fast to pose for pictures


Happy boy

"We're the SAME!"

Just a dinosaur fan riding his scooter.  Nothing to see here.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015