Monday, February 22, 2016

In The Last Few Weeks...

We have been keeping busy. It's been a pretty mild winter for us here in CT. We have had just enough snow to keep us happy but not enough to make us crazy!  So let's see, we have had one snow day and one delay.  Perfect.  We got to do some sledding.  We have watched a lot of TV and movies.  Current favorites are Star Wars and Mickey Mouse.  We had a few play dates and are looking forward to our vacation to California in a few weeks.  This weekend brought extremely mild temps to CT.  60 degrees in February?!  Thank you, global warming.  I got in a few outdoor runs and the boys are enjoying the outdoor time.  Let the countdown to Spring begin!


Mom's boots and bro's suitcase.  He's ready to go!


Playdate TV break

They have been playing side by side since they were both three months old.  #besties

What?  I like to be cozy when I am making up songs!

Comparing their baby bumps  ; )

I asked T to not sit in the mud.  So he quickly laid in it...

Hard to stay mad at that face...


Tree snow art

Ice skating

He's a pro!

This is what happens when I leave them alone for a minute

Enjoying some play time at school