Monday, January 30, 2012

Go Giants!

We're routing for the Giants this weekend in the Superbowl, but we're still representing our other hometown team.  J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!!


We have been busy this past week.  We haven't had a lot on the "schedule" but we've been doing our best to stay busy.  We went to the grocery store and were bugged (and followed out to our car) by the bagger lady...I tried my best to be patient.  I was successful, but I almost lost it on a socially unaware innocent victim!

Ben and I made dinner a few nights this week.  Nothing special, and he always ended up eating nuggets or PB&J anyway.
Chris was away in LA for a meeting but then he came home Friday night along with Uncle Francisco.  Yay!  Ben has learned how to say "tio" and this morning he said some version (?) of "Buen dia". 

We are moving back home in 2 weeks, so we are going to enjoy our last bit of time here in Colorado.  Today is supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny so I think we'll go for a run/walk on the trails.  They definitely don't have those in CT and we will miss walking out our door to see the mountains and walk on a safe, open trail. 

Here are some new pics: Ben getting into the bread when I turned my head for a second, watching Elmo clips on YouTube (the Adam Sandler clip is his favorite), getting into the spice cabinet (no Ben!), celebrating a late Hanukkah, and going down the slide at the indoor playground all by himself (yay for pregnant mommy not having to chase him up and down that thing anymore!):

Thursday, January 19, 2012

King of the playground

It is super windy today, but very nice out. Hard to complain! Here are some pics of Ben enjoying the playground.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nothing to wear

This is what Ben is currently wearing today. He refused to put his pants back on after a diaper change, but insisted on the vest so he could practice with the zipper. ("up! Dooownnn!")

It's like the Shel Silverstien poem "Something's Missing"... : )

Monday, January 16, 2012

Party pics

This weekend Ben went to his friend Claire's birthday party. He ruled the roost as the only boy.  However, I find this picture to be great:

The girls playing basketball and Ben pushing the dolls in the stroller.  Love it!!

And this one is just cute...  ; )

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lightening McQueen

Awesome new PJ's. :)

Update in Photos

Chris is traveling this week to Vegas.  For "work"....hehehe!  He really does have work, but I'm sure he's doing a fair amount of play as well...
In the mean time, Ben and I are holding down the fort with Suzy dog.  We've been lucky to have great weather the past few days and have been out on the trails a lot, gone to the playground and walked around our neighborhood quite a bit.

Here are some pics.

Here is Ben pointing at "big ducks (trucks)" at the construction site across the street:

Here he is in the sandbox on a beautiful January day:

Here he is practicing sitting on the potty he got for Christmas.  We haven't quite gotten up the guts to actually try to use it yet...

Here we are making sliders for lunch.  He just sucked the cheese off the top and fed the beef to Suzy dog.  Everyone was happy except Mama!

And, finally, here he is watching Cars (again).  Shout out to Dana for sending us the DVD!  Now we can watch the whole movie and not have to fast forward through the commercials!  (What?  You don't watch your movies sitting in a laundry basket and looking behind you at the screen?)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


This is the kind of thing that makes all the dentist crap worth it. :)
Ben playing in the sandbox on a 65 degree day in January, pointing at bulldozers with his cool shades on, and swimming in the tub with that cute tushy!

Not even Lightening McQueen...

...could save the day at the dentist!  Today was Ben's first trip to the dentist.  Just a regular first check up.  We practiced saying "ahh" at home all day yesterday and this morning.  Yet, funny how that works.  What we got there he did not want to say "ahh"!!  He found the trucks in the waiting room and headed straight for them.  When it was our turn to go in, he didn't want to leave the trucks.  But, I peeled him off the trucks with little resistance.
The dental assistant brushed his teeth.  But, I had to hold him upside down so he was laying on both our laps.  We were knee to knee and Ben was facing me, then went upside down to lay on her lap.  If that makes sense...Anyway.  That was fine, but he still kept pointing to the waiting room and saying "trucks!  trucks!".  The dentist came in and we did the same upside down position for him to open his mouth for her.  After some hesitation on his part, he finally cried a minute and she went in for the kill!  She stuck that mirror in there so fast and got a good luck.  Plus, she noticed that his 2 year molars are coming through, which explains a lot about why he's so drooly and cranky lately.  She painted on some fluoride treatment and we were on our way back to the trucks.  Yes!
Then...he would NOT leave the trucks!  He started crawling around the floor and screaming "trucks!  trucks!" and this was before I threatened leaving the place!  It was an obvious meltdown waiting to happen.  I tried giving him Lightening McQueen as a distraction toy.  He's OBSESSED with Cars and Lightening is his go to guy.  However, today it did not work.  He chucked Lightening so far across the room I was in shock!  Eventually I realized that I would just have to suck it up and let him melt down.  I picked him up and strong armed the trucks out of his hands and just headed for the car while he was screaming his face off.  Getting him into his car seat was like a WWF wrestling match, but I did it.  Mommy wins again.  And poor Lightening McQueen - I didn't forget to pick him up and take him home too.  : )

See you in 6 months dentist...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The "faux"hawk

Yesterday Ben got a haircut and the lady decided to spike it up into a fauxhawk at the end of the appointment.  Chris and I decided that it was pretty darn cute, so I had to share.  Ben seemed to like it as well.  ; )

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Cheers to a fabulous 2012!  The Cali family had a challenging and exciting 2011.  Chris sold his company, Abby started staying home with Ben, and we found out that we're going to be adding to our family in the Spring.  Oh, yeah, and we moved across country! 

Well, I'm sure that 2012 will bring many more surprises and changes so I can't really hope for calmness quite yet.  I don't think we'll get that until about 2020 when Ben is in college...(and maybe not even then?)  We are looking forward to our new baby who should arrive in June, building up our savings accounts and paying down our debts (damn you student loans!).  We're also appreciative and happy for all the friends and help we do have our here in Colorado, and humbled by how much we miss our family and friends back east.

Happy 2012 to everyone.  Let's go where it may take us.  : )