Thursday, March 1, 2012

Are we there yet?

It's been a crazy three weeks for the Cali family.  Tonight is the first night we will spend all together in our old/new again house in CT.  We are excited to be home and finally start to feel settled into a new normal.
We had our floors refinished and they look great - it really helps to make it feel like a new house.  Although, it is funny having a 21 month old child in the house versus having a 15 month old child in the house.  It's amazing what Ben can get into or what he chooses to ignore.

Last week we got to visit the Calis in Massachusetts, which was awesome.  Ben hasn't stopped talking about Mimi, Papi (who he now calls Toby Cali) and Titi.  Even his new uncle Eric and Winston the dog are on his radar now.  : )

We've been spending a lot of time with Meggie and Papa as well, and Ben greets everyone who walks in the door with a chant of their name and a big smile.  It's been crowded, but great.

Today Ben was gifted his first tricycle from by my aunt Carey.  Now he can say her name really well too!  "de-do Deery" roughly translates from Ben into English as "Thank you, Carey".  He LOVES his new bike!!

Papi (Toby Cali), Ben and Chris.  Three generations of Calis!

Ben on his new bike!

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