Friday, February 24, 2012

Moving is the pits

Our move back to CT started almost two weeks ago when Ben and I flew home with Cory and Meggie to stay in Norwalk at my parent's house.  Chris was supposed to arrive a week later, but was delayed a few days by weather and pure tiredness from driving.  Yesterday he finally arrived and Ben was super excited to see his Dada.  "Dada! YAY!!!!!"

We finally were all together again and life was good.  For a few hours.  Chris called the mover last night to check on his whereabouts and quickly learned that he would NOT be able to move us in tomorrow (Friday) because he is in the hospital!!  He took a nasty fall and will be in the hospital until Sunday and can't get anyone to move us in until Tuesday.  The poor guy - I feel bad for him.  At the same time, I want to be in my own house!

So, we are making the best of it and driving up to Massachusetts today to visit with Mimi, Papi and Titi.  We are so excited to see them and have a nice long weekend together.  It's been way too long.  And, we'll get to see our new "uncle-to-be" Eric!  Congratulations to Eric and Mare who are now engaged.  As Ben would say, "YAAAYYY!!"

So, the moving saga continues.  Hopefully we'll enjoy the weekend and then get to move in our own place next Tuesday.  Fingers crossed!

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