Monday, March 5, 2012

Back in the city that works

Stamford that is, in case you don't know. : )
We have been busy bees around here trying to unpack boxes and get settled. So far so good. Ben knows the phrase "our house" and loves to repeat it about a dozen times a day.
Chris got a new office down by the water, and all three of us are enjoying being back at the gym. Ben did very well in the nursery today and gave me the freedom to workout in my own. Yeah!

Last weekend we visited with Nomnie and the Reilly family to celebrate aunt Sheila's bday with yummy home made chocolate cake. Thank you Ellen!
Ben got to "drive" in Carey's car and can't stop talking about it or how the top of the convertible goes "up and down!"
We went to the doctor today and got to see baby Cali #2 so that was exciting. Only 15 more weeks and he or she will be here. I can't believe it!

So, we are all good here. All are welcome to visit! :)

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