Monday, March 3, 2014

Almost out of winter (please?!)

We were supposed to get another foot of snow today.  Last week we were asked to prep lessons that the kids could do on their snow day.  Thank God that didn't happen!!  Actually, we got no snow.  The best kind.  ; )  So, today was a regular day in that sense.

Tommy was sick over the weekend, so I kept him home another day.  We never get to have Mommy and Tommy days just us, so it was actually kind of nice.  We did play dough, lots of books, visited our camp friends at the office, took a (short) nap, AND - Tommy found out that he absolutely loves the old coffee maker that was sitting in our basement.  I had to bring him down there to do laundry and he didn't even want to leave!  

This weekend while Tommy was home sick with Chris, I took Ben to the Maple Sugar Festival.  He did NOT care about the sap, the boiling, the syrup - nothing could stop him from getting to that maple donut!!  Once we had our donuts he was happy to explore the farm, read the signs and watch the animals.  

C'mon Spring - you know you wanna come to Connecticut!

Play Dough
Coffee maker in the basement

Happy donut eater

Checking out some sheep (llamas?  alpacas?  not really sure...)

Ready every single sign

Had to stop for a milk break on the way back to the car

Date night selfies - woohoo!



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