Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day Part Two

We got even more snow last night, which was followed by a day of freezing rain today.  Good times.  So, schools were closed yet again and we had to come up with new and creative ways to stay busy inside for most of the day.  Since our day starts around 5:30am and ends at 8pm, that's a solid 12.5 hours of torture fun.  ; )

Today we did watch two movies (Cars and Planes, what else?!) but we also played with our moon sand and then spent some time cleaning it up.  Me with the real vacuum, Ben with the real Dust Buster (which he calls the Dust Meister since that's Dusty's nickname in Planes), and Tommy with our new hand-me-down toy vacuum (thank you Montanez family!).  After we cleaned up, the boys played nicely and I was able to get some other cleaning done.  We had some snacks, played with cars on the race track, rode the Skuut and read a lot of books.

After nap was over and we had eaten snacks, we decided it was time to brave the cold and go build a snowman.  So, we did.  And it was way more fun than I expected.  And pretty funny that our snowman is the same height as Tommy.  (((Little Goose)))

Still, I am eager for Spring!

Mama and Tommy

Tommy and the simple snowman.  This is before Ben took off the head and threw it at the dog...

This is Ben after I jokingly pushed him into the snow 

Happiest vacuuming boy ever!

Playing with moon sand

Sleepy Suzy dog

Racing cars around the "track"

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