Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We love you, Colorado!

Our first family trip to Colorado was a success!  Here is our trip in pictures...

Arriving at the airport.  Ready to go!

One of the top 10 inventions ever.  Wheels that attach to the car seat to turn it into a roller.  Tommy loved it.

Travelin' like a boss.

"Hey ladies.  Come here often?  No?  Me neither - first time on a plane."  ; )

Loving the Colorado sunshine


Climbing like the big boys!

Tommy and his buds, Brooksley and Ryder

We went to an indoor playground and the boys loved this playhouse more than anything else.

Post-play snuggle with Uncle Jay

Tommy, Brooksley, Finley and Ryder


I see you!

Enjoying the drive after lunch

Who wants to take a nap when you can watch Frozen (again)?!

Ryder and Uncle Chris

Brooksley and Tommy loving the bouncy castle

"I already told you, mom - I don't need a nap..."
Great view
Daddy and Ben

Checking in at the airport to go home
Catching up on FAA emergency policies

Thank goodness for the iPad and Super Why!

 Tired boys.  Waiting for our luggage.

Hello NYC!  Headed home.  See you soon, Colorado!


  1. Love!

    "I already told you, mom - I don't need a nap..."

  2. Wheels on carseats?! Why didn't those things exist when mine were little? Great photos Abby.