Saturday, June 2, 2012

What's been going on?

So much and so little has been going on here.

I'm 38 weeks into this pregnancy and never thought I'd make it this far. We are ready to meet this baby!! Everyday is just more and more uncomfortable for me, but baby doesn't seem to be in a rush. I'm sure one day I'll forget all of this and want to do it all over again.  But until then, we just wait and wait and wait and wait...

In other news, Ben has made the switch to behind the driver's seat in Mom's car in order to make room for the baby's seat behind the passenger.  He is excited to have a new point of view on the world and to be in his "big boy" seat.

I got to spend a few hours at the beach on Thursday and it was just what I needed.  No toddler, no baby, just me and some girlfriends.  Ahhh.... It could possibly be the last chance I get to do that for a long time, so it was nice to take advantage of the invitation.

We've been having some good summer weather here, and Ben is loving his new sprinkler.  He was so excited the other day to come home to it, he ran straight from the car to the patio - no time for a bathing suit!  So, diaper and sandals was the outfit of choice.  Pure sprinkler happiness ensued. 

So here we are, playing the waiting game and unable to do much as far as making plans go.  But, in two weeks or less we'll have a new baby in our arms and there is nothing better than that.  : )

Ben and Mama in the car - enjoying his new spot
How is it humanly possible to get 2 weeks bigger than this?!
Ahhhhh.... relaxing at the beach in the shady grass
Yeah sprinkler!!
My new life with two car seats.  Adios back seat!


  1. hahahahaa.... great pix. I LOVE the sprinkler shot. He looks like a Muscovite at the Black Sea with those shoes and that little white diaper/Speedo. And, ah, yes....the days of two car seats. I do recall that in the Rabbit I used to drive. Patience. And stay in the moment. It all goes by so quickly in retrospect. <3

  2. This is why people end up with minivans! :) You're almost there!