Thursday, June 28, 2012

A week with no day care

This is crazy!  I bow down to all you stay at home parents.  Seriously.  This is some crazy sh*t to stay home with a toddler and a newborn all day!!

Ben's day care is closed this week for vacation.  Thank goodness I have the help of family and friends, because it has been a HARD week for the Cali family.  Ben was JUST getting into the swing of things with day care and his new little brother before this vacation.  I hope he bounces back quickly.  Tommy is not allowing us to sleep too much, but loves to snooze all day.  Somebody needs to help him sort out his day time from night time!  Chris is working his tail off as usual, and I am fulfilling my role as the Bovine Goddess.  I nurse this baby ALL.  DAY.  LONG.  Like I said - crazy times around here!

Besides Monday, I've had helping hands from family and friends. We visited Papa and Chrissy on Tuesday, Cousin Emily came to visit us on Wednesday and played outside with Ben for nearly two hours! And then went to the playground.  We were all pooped!  Today Emily and Papa helped out again and Cousin Libby came to help as well.  YES!  We all went to the Aquarium and Ben had a blast.  And, mission accomplished - he was so tired afterwards that he had a great nap and fell asleep tonight very easily.  Nice!  Tomorrow we will take an adventure to the pool.  Of course Ben thinks he is Michael Phelps even though he doesn't know how to swim at all so that should be fun.

Honestly, the hardest part is packing the car and getting the two of them IN the car by myself.  And, that ever present fear you have while driving with an infant that he or she will start screaming their face off for no apparent reason and you'll go completely grey by the time you get home, upon which he or she will stop crying and fall asleep.  : )

Tommy napping in the yard.  Loving that Hendrix onesie!

Napping with Dada

Almost diving in the tank with the sting rays and sharks!

Touch tank with Papa and Emily

Another touch tank with Libby

Ben rockin' his apron and hanging with Suzy

Cutest boy in the world got a hair cut!

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