Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snow snow snow!

This week it snowed from Thursday evening through Saturday afternoon.  When it was all said and done we ended up with 21 inches (according to the internet...) but that probably only lasted an hour or so since the sun shines so brightly here that it started melting pretty quickly.

I found some boots in Ben's size (7 wide toddler) which is not easy to find.  And, they were on sale.  Sweet.  So this morning we took a snow adventure to test them out.  He loved the boots, but the funniest part to us was how he looked like Ralphie all bundled up in his snow gear!

In other news, I am 21 weeks today and feeling good.  Chris is traveling for a few days this week and then Meggie and Cory come out to visit on Wednesday - can't wait!!
Next Monday Ben and I fly home, which is a bittersweet feeling.  It's hard to leave the sunshine for the grey east coast, but we know it's worth it to be with friends and family again.  Life goes on...  Hopefully we'll get some great pics this week while Meggie and Cory are here.  We're going to take some fun adventures to Denver, Boulder, and the mountains.  Gotta get to the mountains before we leave!

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