Monday, January 30, 2012


We have been busy this past week.  We haven't had a lot on the "schedule" but we've been doing our best to stay busy.  We went to the grocery store and were bugged (and followed out to our car) by the bagger lady...I tried my best to be patient.  I was successful, but I almost lost it on a socially unaware innocent victim!

Ben and I made dinner a few nights this week.  Nothing special, and he always ended up eating nuggets or PB&J anyway.
Chris was away in LA for a meeting but then he came home Friday night along with Uncle Francisco.  Yay!  Ben has learned how to say "tio" and this morning he said some version (?) of "Buen dia". 

We are moving back home in 2 weeks, so we are going to enjoy our last bit of time here in Colorado.  Today is supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny so I think we'll go for a run/walk on the trails.  They definitely don't have those in CT and we will miss walking out our door to see the mountains and walk on a safe, open trail. 

Here are some new pics: Ben getting into the bread when I turned my head for a second, watching Elmo clips on YouTube (the Adam Sandler clip is his favorite), getting into the spice cabinet (no Ben!), celebrating a late Hanukkah, and going down the slide at the indoor playground all by himself (yay for pregnant mommy not having to chase him up and down that thing anymore!):

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