Thursday, January 5, 2012

Not even Lightening McQueen...

...could save the day at the dentist!  Today was Ben's first trip to the dentist.  Just a regular first check up.  We practiced saying "ahh" at home all day yesterday and this morning.  Yet, funny how that works.  What we got there he did not want to say "ahh"!!  He found the trucks in the waiting room and headed straight for them.  When it was our turn to go in, he didn't want to leave the trucks.  But, I peeled him off the trucks with little resistance.
The dental assistant brushed his teeth.  But, I had to hold him upside down so he was laying on both our laps.  We were knee to knee and Ben was facing me, then went upside down to lay on her lap.  If that makes sense...Anyway.  That was fine, but he still kept pointing to the waiting room and saying "trucks!  trucks!".  The dentist came in and we did the same upside down position for him to open his mouth for her.  After some hesitation on his part, he finally cried a minute and she went in for the kill!  She stuck that mirror in there so fast and got a good luck.  Plus, she noticed that his 2 year molars are coming through, which explains a lot about why he's so drooly and cranky lately.  She painted on some fluoride treatment and we were on our way back to the trucks.  Yes!
Then...he would NOT leave the trucks!  He started crawling around the floor and screaming "trucks!  trucks!" and this was before I threatened leaving the place!  It was an obvious meltdown waiting to happen.  I tried giving him Lightening McQueen as a distraction toy.  He's OBSESSED with Cars and Lightening is his go to guy.  However, today it did not work.  He chucked Lightening so far across the room I was in shock!  Eventually I realized that I would just have to suck it up and let him melt down.  I picked him up and strong armed the trucks out of his hands and just headed for the car while he was screaming his face off.  Getting him into his car seat was like a WWF wrestling match, but I did it.  Mommy wins again.  And poor Lightening McQueen - I didn't forget to pick him up and take him home too.  : )

See you in 6 months dentist...

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