Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Update in Photos

Chris is traveling this week to Vegas.  For "work"....hehehe!  He really does have work, but I'm sure he's doing a fair amount of play as well...
In the mean time, Ben and I are holding down the fort with Suzy dog.  We've been lucky to have great weather the past few days and have been out on the trails a lot, gone to the playground and walked around our neighborhood quite a bit.

Here are some pics.

Here is Ben pointing at "big ducks (trucks)" at the construction site across the street:

Here he is in the sandbox on a beautiful January day:

Here he is practicing sitting on the potty he got for Christmas.  We haven't quite gotten up the guts to actually try to use it yet...

Here we are making sliders for lunch.  He just sucked the cheese off the top and fed the beef to Suzy dog.  Everyone was happy except Mama!

And, finally, here he is watching Cars (again).  Shout out to Dana for sending us the DVD!  Now we can watch the whole movie and not have to fast forward through the commercials!  (What?  You don't watch your movies sitting in a laundry basket and looking behind you at the screen?)

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