Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pirate Adventure Summer 2016

Part of our summer vacation was a trip to the Pirate Ship Adventure in Cape Cod.  We met our ship in Hyannis Port, and the kids were quickly given sailor names, pirate tattoos and outfits.  We also bought swords since what pirate would be complete without one?!  Then it was off to find the treasure while battling sea monsters and other pirates found in the sea trying to get in our way.  The boys loved every minute of the two hour adventure.  It was a great morning at sea!

Ready for adventure

Shark tattoo

Anchor tattoo

Signing the pirate flag


Really going for that pirate face!

Sword fight while we wait to set sail

pirate face without teeth - even better!

Family of pirates

Cute pirates

Ben at the mast looking out at the rogue "pirate Slash" we found in the ocean trying to take our treasure!

Spraying Slash with the water cannons


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