Tuesday, July 5, 2016

2 Weeks at Home With Mom to Start Off the Summer (TONS of pics!)

This summer is off to a great start.  Everyone is relaxing and already has sun-kissed skin.  One of my favorite parts of being a teacher is that it allows me to be home for the summer.  I spend that time catching up on things that I want to do like reading and having lunch with friends, as well as things I have to do like clean out closets and prepare for next school year.  This summer I got to spend one week with each of the boys one on one.  That is something that never happens!  We did trips to the aquarium, playgrounds, movies and the pool.  Lots of summer fun going on in the last two weeks.  And it all ended with a great weekend of 4th of July parties with family and friends.  And today - off to camp and day care!  Happy summer!

Butterfly exhibit at the aquarium

Shark tank

Trail walk.  Light saber just in case!

Great trail with lots to see

Lunch at the pool

Selfies with T

Snuggle boy

Double Kylo Ren 

Silly T

Train table fun

arts and crafts time

Finally lost that front tooth!

We found this huge M&M and T loved it so much he wanted his picture taken with it!

Painting rocks to go in our treasure box.

Playground time

Love that smile!

Go T!

Mama's boy

Fun on the slide

Swinging with monkey

So big!

Trail walk home

Playing with daddy's vintage WWF figures is one of their favorite activities

T loving art class.  He painted a lion.

And drew a cat.

Had some playground time.

And lots of pool time.

The boys

Cooling off at a friend's house

Dancing for the fourth!

Ben made us each our own coloring books.

4th of July party

Stop.  Growing.  Up!

4th of July

Ready for the fireworks!

I went for a solo run at the beach.  So beautiful!

T learned to cut with a knife and fork.

Loving the indoor playground on a hot day.

And the jogging stroller on a nicer day.

Silliness before bedtime.

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  1. It's never wrong to bring along your lightsaber! Awesome!