Monday, October 5, 2015

Sunday Morning

It finally cleared up on Sunday morning after a few days of chilly rain.  The boys and I thought it would be best if we started the day off with some Mickey Mouse pancakes at the diner.

"Please don't take our picture, mom!  We haven't even had our milk yet!"
It ended up being a great idea and we were all pleased in the end.  I mean, it was only 7:30am on a Sunday.  We got parking right out front and there were only kids and old people so no one was bothered by a 3 and 5 year old eating nearby!

Serious about his non-serious breakfast

The ONLY kid in the world who takes the M&M's OFF of his pancakes because he doesn't like them.
After breakfast we came back home to clean up and then we headed out for a short trip to the playground and a long walk to collect leaves and acorns for an art project.

Turning into big boys who climb on the outside of the slide
Back at home, we took our collected leaves and glued them onto some foam paper pumpkins.  We also added markers, glittler glue, buttons and acorns.


Using the scissors

The artistic spirt in Tommy got inspired and wanted to do some water colors.

"Look what I made, Mommy!"
Final products

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