Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend was packed with activities for us.  Fridays always seem busy since it's the end of the week and we're all so tired.  READ: Tommy finally cut his first tooth so we have NOT been sleeping well at all around here.  I'm pretty sure we were in bed at 9.  Wild night! 
Saturday morning I took Ben to the mall to play on the indoor playground space they have there since it was so cold out.  After a half hour or so of play, we ran a few errands.  Since he was SUCH a good listener, we went to the toy store and got him...wait for it...a new car.  He got the Chick Hicks car from Cars 1.  He was pumped!
Saturday night we had a family birthday party for uncle Tim, and Ben was happy to run around and show everyone his loud dinosaur "roaaarrrr!".  Good times.
Sunday morning we were all up early and ready to go to NYC to see Sesame Street Live!  It was a special Mommy, Daddy and Ben date.  Little bro Tommy stayed home with Meggie.  And thank goodness, because it was C-O-L-D in the city!!  Like, we picked up Ben and ran across the streets kind of cold.  Yowza!  But, it was well worth it.  At first he was overwhelmed by the city and the show, but then about half way through he loosened up and really started to like it.
Tomorrow we are off for Presidents day and we have a full day of play dates, lunches and babysitters ready to go.  Who needs to go skiing for the long weekend when you can have this much fun at home?!  ; )

Smiley Tommy

Playful Tommy

SO excited to see Elmo

NYC Daddy and Ben

Delicious fruit pack at Starbucks after the playground.  Gotta refuel...

Ben doing his impression of the Runaway Bunny hiding in the crocus

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