Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day!

We got a big snow storm today so no school for the boys or for me.  Woohoo!  It started off slowly, but by the afternoon we were able to play outside a little bit.  Of course, it took us longer to get everyone dressed and outside than the actual amount of time that we played out there.  Tommy was NOT into it at all, but who can blame him?!  It's freaking cold and windy and miserable out there!  Makes me wish for the years to come where we can all actually enjoy time out in the snow.  But for now, 10 minutes outside in the snow is good enough!

Before going outside we spent the day playing with cars and trucks, painting pictures on the easel, watching a little TV, reading books and making pizza.  Busy day!  And, more to come tomorrow and Sunday since it looks like we'll be inside most of the weekend until we get plowed out of here.

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