Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa Visit #2

Today we attempted another Santa visit.  This time we went to a local department store where Santa is the same Santa I used to visit when I was a little kid.  He always made a special appearance at our family Christmas parties at my grandmother's house, so it was nice that we got to take the boys to see him since this is the first year without the party.

Tommy was smiley and passive.  Just like many 6-month-old babies are.  Ben was excited to see Santa and to tell him what he wants.  (Now it's a guitar, no longer a car...)  Even when Santa came in the room, Ben was excited and smiling.  But, when it was our turn to go sit on his lap, he got very clingy to daddy!  I put Tommy down on Santa's lap, and Chris put a now screaming Ben down and we ended up with a classic Christmas photo.  : )

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