Monday, December 3, 2012

Ben, Meggie and Santa!

This weekend Meggie and I took Ben and Tommy to see Santa at a "Santa Breakfast" event that was put on by their school.  It was a big meeting room at a church filled to the brim with little kids and their parents.  A guy with a guitar singing kids Christmas songs to warm up the crowd, and a lot of coffee for the parents.  Then, Santa made his entrance!  Ben was loving it until he got close to him, then the fear kicked in!
We had practiced what to say to Santa when Ben sat on his lap.  "I want a car for Christmas, Santa" was the line.  But, by the time it was our turn to meet Santa Ben was so nervous he couldn't even shake his hand let alone sit on his lap. He just stood back about 5 feet and shouted at Santa, "CAR" over and over again.

HAHAHAHA!  Maybe next year we'll get it right.  Hey, at least he didn't cry.  : )

Ben and Meggie rockin' their Santa hats


Before Santa

After Santa