Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Week

This week has been hard for everyone on the East Coast.  We are very lucky that we didn't lose power.  Many people in our area lost cable, power, heat, even their homes.  However, we did have to get creative once the boys started going crazy not being on their schedules...  It's been a tough one!  Things are getting back to normal though.  Many schools will reopen on Monday, including the boys' day care center (woohoo!), trees are being cut down and cleaned up and power is steadily being restored.  If we could all just stop going crazy for gas, things would be good!

Here are some pics from the week of Sandy:

Nana Suzy taking care of Tommy during the worst of it on Monday night

Tuesday morning - tree on a neighbor's house!

Awesome post-storm rainbow

Cars, Cars and more Cars.  We love Lightening McQueen!

Visit to the doctor on Wednesday

"Happy Halloween!" says Ben

"I go get gas and go to Meggie and Papa's house"

Down the slide at Chrissy's house

Working on his motor skills

MORE time in the baby Bjorn outside!

After a nice warm bath on Saturday night

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