Friday, September 28, 2012

Pros and Cons

Now that both boys are in day care, I am reminded of the pros and cons that come along with it. 

Pros: 1) Both Chris and I can work.  This brings me great joy because we can earn extra money and I can do what I love to do - teach.   2) Our boys are well taken care of during the day by people we know and trust.  3) The boys gain social skills that I simply could not give them if they were home alone with me all day. 4) Once in a great while I actually get some time to myself where I can go grocery shopping or get to the gym.  Never take that alone time for granted!

Cons: 1) It's expensive.  Really.  F'ing.  Expensive.  And 2) COOTIES!!  Ben was super sick his first year of day care, and now it's Tommy's turn.  The only good thing is that they are exposed early and normally don't get many illnesses in the future.  But now, it's horrible.  Tommy has a virus in his lungs that requires him to be on the nebulizer every few hours.  Misery for all.  He is also on antibiotics for an ear infection.  Side effects of antibiotics = misery for all.  Lack of sleep = misery for all. 

Considering how miserable having a sick baby is, it's still pretty awesome that he is still so happy and smiley through the whole thing.  And, when he is feeling better, he will go back to day care. : )

Sick but happy Tommy

Big Brother Ben has already been through it.  Suzy dog just likes to smile.

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