Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fun Weekend

Crazy weather, movies and popcorn, swimmies and the playground - it was a good weekend! 

Friday night when Chris was out after work, I was home with my sister and the boys.  Around 9pm we heard the LOUDEST BOOM I've ever heard.  My side tables shook.  It sounded like something had crashed in the back yard, or thunder crashed right on top of the house.  It was LOUD and shook the house.  My heard jumped.  The boys both slept right through it.  20 minutes (or so) later, we heard dishes crashing, but all of the dishes were in the dishwasher!  What was happening?!  Both my sister and I were a little freaked out.  Turns out it was an EARTHQUAKE!!  Mild as it may have been (2.1) - those sounds and feelings are not common here in southwestern CT.  Hey, at least now we can say that we have experienced an earthquake. : )
Saturday morning the crazy weather continued - there were two tornadoes in NYC!  Here in CT we got a lot of crazy wind and storms, but no tornado.  Thank goodness.  We sat around and watched Cars and ate popcorn.  Mimi and Papi came to visit, and we ate pizza for dinner.  It was a fun, low key, inside day.
Sunday morning we went to the playground to meet up with Ben's friend and his mom, where the boys ran around like crazy.  It made for a good nap after lunch.  Then we went up to a nice dinner at Meggie and Papa's house.  All afternoon Ben played in his new house that Carey, Ellen and Libby made for him, and rode his motorcycle - all while wearing his swimmies.  LOL!  He's quite the character these days. 

Cheers to a good weekend.  Hopefully our week is equally as fun!

Ready to ride

The hat makes the outfit...

Playing with his buddy on the see-saw

Look at my house!!

Ben's house

Rainy morning.  Ben likes to watch TV upside down.  I don't get it either.

Trying the outward facing carrier.  Tommy loved it!

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  1. I used to LOVE to watch TV upside down. I don't know why. I just found it amusing.