Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ben's first race

This morning Ben ran his first 5K race!  Ok, well it was more like a 1 mile fun run, and I walked as I pushed him in the stroller. But still, he got a medal at the end!  He also got to take a look inside the ambulance that was waiting at the finish line and he did enough running of his own - crossing the finish line over and over again, and then handing out water to other "finishers".  : )

The race we ran was to support Project Blessing.  A teacher who I worked with at my old school set up a project in Rwanda about 5 years ago and has been raising money ever since to donate to the project.  So far they have built a Kindergarten and made a well in the town so that the people have access to fresh water.  Each year they aim to raise around $10K to keep the project going.  It's a fabulous cause, and if you're interested, you can donate here:

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