Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blue and White Day

Sometimes, (OK, often) Chris and I will get dressed in the morning and quickly realize that we are essentially wearing the same outfit.  Green t-shirt and jeans with flip flops is a common offender.  I just blame it on the fact that we've been living together so so long and I do a lot of his shopping, so I get him what I like. 

Today was a whole new day.  Not only were Chris and I both wearing blue and white striped shirts (his a horizontally striped thermal and mine a vertical pinstripe button down), but BEN was also wearing a blue and white horizontally striped thermal.  I mean, I dressed him, yes.  But, I didn't realize that we were all matching until we were out at the playground surrounded by others who probably assumed we were on our way to our holiday card photo shoot at JC Penny!  Hehe...

Here is Super Ben and Super Dad in their matching thermals:

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