Tuesday, February 10, 2015

We should just not have school on Mondays in February

Snow days have swallowed up the East Coast for the last three Mondays in a row.  Next Monday the schools are closed for President's Day.  So, in my opinion, we should just go ahead and call off school on Monday the 23rd and just let it be 3-day weekend February.  : )

We kept busy this Monday with Legos.  LOTS of Legos.  Uncle Jack passed on his extensive Lego collection to the boys.  It took a lot of hot water, soap and bleach, but we cleaned them up and got to playing.  The boys really like the Lego Movie right now, so it's great timing.

We also made brownies, watched the movie Hook (awesome 90's classic....) and saw some deer right outside our window!

Thousands of  Legos!!!

Diving in


T on his highest tippie toes to mix the brownies

"I love chocolate!!!"

Ben is big into writing and rhyming words.  So, house and mouse it is!

Trying to get in a workout on the elliptical while they're entranced by the movie

Our deer neighbors

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