Sunday, December 14, 2014

The REAL Santa

Every year the boys' school sponsors a Santa breakfast for the kids and their families.  There are munchkins and coffee, music performed by the music teacher, adorable red and green little kid clothes (except for my kids - I mean, it's enough just to get them dressed and out the door, right?!), and of course Santa!  This year the party was extra special for me since Santa happened to be the man I consider to be the REAL Santa.  He was at every family Christmas party of mine since I can remember.  I have a picture of my sister and I sitting on his lap where I am probably 18 months old and screaming bloody murder.  I mean, we go back!  When my grandmother passed away 2 years ago, the party stopped.  So, it is just extra special for me to see my own kids with this person who has given me such magic and Christmas spirit my whole life.  What a gift!  : )

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