Tuesday, September 17, 2013

First Few weeks of School

The first two weeks of school have been busy and fun for the Cali Family.  The boys have transitioned to their new rooms at day care.  Tommy is learning all kinds of new "big boy" things like hand washing, and bike riding in the playroom.  Ben has moved upstairs to the preschool and a lot has changed for him.  His class size doubled, he is nearly 100% potty trained (only an accident here or there), he is learning new songs, books and games. 

Chaos is a given around here, but I have to say - they're off to a great start and that's all we can ask for : )


  1. Tommy definitely looks like a pro on that big wheel. And thank GOODNESS that Ben has your vacuum attachment outside to fight the forces of rogue branches! :) So adorable, as always.

  2. The first picture of Tommy reminds me a little bit of dad. And the vacuum sword is awesome!