Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer vacation week

This week our day care is closed, so the boys have been home with me and we have been keeping busy. We played with friends, went to the aquarium, the zoo and the parks.  We visited Papa, had lunch with Meggie.  Watched movies, played in the back yard, took some naps.  We went to the farm, the grocery store and Target.  We were busy!  Here are some pics from the week.  Enjoy  :)

Tommy snuggling with Suzy

Carrots in the ears at the dinner table - always a winner

Kissing bros

Trippy jellyfish tank

Being awesome

Smiling at the indoor playground

Loving the double stroller at the zoo

Relaxin with a cool drink of water

Having some water at the new picnic table

Playing in the car

Learning to walk

Silly boys

First Nutella sandwich - big fan!

Relaxing on a swing

1 comment:

  1. Every single one of these photos is a winner. You always say you're not creative, but you have the eye kiddo. :)