Friday, October 26, 2012

Enjoy Every Moment

So I just can't stop thinking about this horrible tragedy that has happened to a family in Manhattan.  Mom, dad, three kids and nanny- all getting along well and enjoying a privilaged life in NYC.  Dad goes away for business and leaves mom home with the kids and nanny.  Mom takes 3-year-old out to a swim lesson and comes home to find that her nanny has taken the lives of her 6-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son.  And then tried to take her own life, but survived.  I mean, seriously - it's THE worst case scenario ever.  Dad was met at the airport by police officers who told him the news.  Those parents have lost their two children, yet they still have to love and care for their third child who still requires their full love and attention.  It just doesn't get any worse. 
I can only hope that this family is able to speak with their nanny from her hospital bed to find out WHY she would ever hurt their children.  HOW could she take their innocent lives?  NOTHING is ever that far out of control or painful that you have to take your life or the lives of others.  I am just praying for this family that they can have some peace and possibly some closure to all of this chaos.  We have to remember to enjoy every moment with our family and friends.  Even when our kids drive us crazy, they make us smile.  Take a breath, ask for help, do what you need to do - but always end with love. 

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