Thursday, May 17, 2012

We are sooooo bizzzzyyy...

All is well with the Calis in Connecticut.  Chris is hard at work on some fun and profitable projects.  Tio Francisco came to visit for a few days before heading back home to Argentina.  Ben is settled into his weekly schedule of time with mom and time with Aunt Chrissy.  And, I am waiting for baby #2 to arrive while performing demo lessons and going on job interviews.  We are very busy, but good at the same time. 
Soon enough we'll be overwhelmed with an entirely new life when the baby comes, so it's nice to have a little predictability these days.  It could be 4 more weeks, or it could be tomorrow.  When will you be here baby?!  We are ready to meet you!

In the mean time...Big Brother Ben is holding it down at home:

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